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COA is extremely pleased to see caring Ontarians' step up to the plate to help our Province.

  • We share a valued mission to improve our Province
  • This section will list many of their ongoing initiatives
  • We wish everyone the best of luck in all of your initiatives
  • See Announcements below: 

Celebrate Earth Day with your Local Non-Profit partner

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Address:  17 Head Street, Hamilton, On L8R 1P8  Canada

In celebration of Earth Day (around April 22nd), is hosting rain barrel fundraising sales in partnership with more than 90 non-profit organizations. This year, we are excited to announce the arrival of our new downspout diverter. Please consider supporting our partners with the purchase of a rain barrel or other products.

Water is one of the Earth’s most precious resources, yet more than one billion people do not have access to clean, safe water which results in the loss of 3.3 million lives each year. We all have a responsibility to conserve water, to advocate for sustainable water management and to ensure clean water throughout the world.

Annual Earth Day (around April 22nd) events are held worldwide to demonstrate support for environmental protection. To learn more about Earth Day and to locate an event in your area, visit Earth Day Canada




If your community is not listed below:

Please notify a local organization about this opportunity so that we can partner to bring an event to your area.




Lincoln Avenue Public School


Bath Park Development Advisory Committee


John XXIII School


Simcoe Community Services Foundation Barrie


Bath Park Development Advisory Committee


Blenheim-Harwich Horticultural Society

Blenheim - Harwich

Bowmanville Clarington Central Secondary School


Larkspur Public School


Brighton Lions Club


Huron Christian School


Go Green Together


St. Joseph's Catholic Secondary School


Crystal Beach Public School

Crystal Beach

Second Chance Pet Network


Girl Guides-150th Edmonton Pathfinders


École Rivière-Castor


Dreams in Motion


Alymer Church


Greenbank Mission Team

Greenbank (Uxbridge)

The Kinette Club of Grimsby


Centenial CVI


Mountain Kidz Club


Nantyr Shores Secondary School


Knights of Columbus


Seneca College

King City

St. Andrews Anglican Church


Little Current United Church Outreach Committee

Little Current

London Optimists


Markdale Minor Softball Association


Wye Marsh Wildlife Centre


Lakeshore Drive United Church


Windfall Ecology Centre


Niagara Region Employees United Way Action Group

Niagara Region

Saint Michael Catholic High School

Nigara Falls

Greening Nipissing

North Bay

Norwood Lions Club


Simcoe Community Services Foundation Orillia


Canadian Auto Workers Cancer Prevention Initiatives


Oshawa Turul Xtreme 2001 Girls Soccer Team


62nd Ondéchra Scout Troop


Agincourt Road Public School - Playscape Project


Fielding Drive Public School


Great River School


Woodroffe High School


World Harmony Run


1st Kanata Scouts

Ottawa (Kanata)

3rd Kanata Venturer Scouts

Ottawa (Kanata)

7th Kanata Scouts

Ottawa (Kanata)

Canadian Guide Dogs for the Blind

Ottawa (Manotick)

UNESCO Biosphere Reserve

Parry Sound

Friends of Honduran Children Adult Awareness Group


St. Luke's 2nd Peterborough Scouting


County Sustainability


Lakeshore Catholic High School

Port Colbourne

Township of Georgian Bay

Port Severn

Richmond Hill Garden & Horticultural Society

Richmond Hill

Russell and District Horticultural Society


Sarnia Temple Christian Academy


St-Thomas D'Aquin School


St. Peter's Lutheran Church


Rideau Valley Conservation Area

Smiths Falls

Calvary Christian School

St. Catharines

Jubilee Fellowship Christian Reformed Church

St. Catharines

Merritton Lions Club

St. Catharines

Kettle Creek Conservation Authority

St. Thomas

Stittsville Village Association


Coalition for a Liveable Sudbury


Greenland Carl Nesbitt Public School


Junction Creek Stewardship Committee & RockHaven Recovery


Teeterville Public School

Teeterville (Simcoe)

Embrace Martin Grove Gardens


Green 13


Seneca College


Toronto Estonian Schools


Toronto Zoo


West Hill Highland Creek Lions Club

Toronto (Scarborough)

The 413 Wing AFAC Pipes and Drums


Ayr Public School


First Mennonite Church


Central Frederick Community Garden


Century 21 Home Realty - Easter Seals


Forest Hill's TreeGeneration


MacGregor Public School


Stirling Avenue Mennonite Church


The 1st Ayr Scouts


Victoria Park Neighbourhood Association


Westheights Public School


Westport in Bloom & Rideau Valley Conservation Area


St. Matthew's Maryland Community Ministry


Vincent Massey Safe Grad Committee


How COA Helps


COA participates in numerous Stakeholder Groups

The Condo Owners Association COA has been invited to participate in numerous very important Stakeholder groups.  They have been identified as being "knowledgeable, consumer experts with enormous industry now-how and dedicated to seek changes to benefit Consumers".


Please click links for Expert Panel Reports: 

COA on Panel for Ministry Condo Act Review

  1. Ontario Government Newsroom Building a Better Condo Act
  2. COA participated in Condo Act Review held by Canada Public Policy Forum
  3. Ontario Condo Act Review Stakeholder Roundtables
  4. Ontario’s Condominium Act Review Stakeholders Roundtables

COA on Panel for Consumers Council of Canada Study

  1. Consumer Council of Canada Housing Intensification Study
  2. Press Release Consumers Council of Canada News
  3. Press Release Market Wire Housing Intensification is Solution for Millennials Needs

COA on Panel for Fire Marshal Review Safety for Ontarians

  1. Fire Marshal Report of Improving Carbon Monoxide Safety for Ontarians
  2. Ontario Government Newsroom Keeping Ontarians Safe from Carbon Monoxide

COA on Panel for Homeowner Protection Centre Study Licensing Property Management

  1. Government of Canada Condo Property Manager Regulation

COA on Panel for Mississauga Storm Water Systems

  1. Mississauga Storm Water System Page 78


 Advocates for Condo Owners Rights and Changes to the Condo Act  

  1. COA advocates changes to the Condominium Act 1998
  2. COA is a Stakeholder in the Condominium Act Review Process
  3. COA advocates and promotes protection for Condo Owners Rights
  4. COA is working with the Ministry of Consumer Services for Condo Owners
  5. COA is listed on the Provincial Government website Building a Better Condo Act



Founder of COA

Condo Owners Association (known as COA Ontario) was Founded on March 2010 by Linda Pinizzotto, a Toronto/Mississauga Realtor who had a vision to create the 1st Non-Profit Association to represent Condo Owners and design a mechanism for awareness and representation in the Political forefront within all levels of Government across the Province of Ontario.  There are over 1.3 Million Condo Owners who need a cohesive united voice to represent them on many important issues. COA supports the development of its members and fosters a prosperous and sustainable economic environment while contributing to the quality of life in the condo community.  


Linda's vision included a Condo Owners Association structure to represent Condo Owners in all of the Municipalities across the Province of Ontario.  The Municipalities and Regions are known as Divisions of COA Ontario and each have various Districts to identify their respective Wards.    he structure recognizes the vast amount of condominium owners and embraces various levels of government for representation in each Municipality and Region.    This structure allows a productive and communicative working environment with local Councillors, Members of Provincial Parliament, Members of Parliament and the various Ministry's of our Government. 


COA Ontario is growing steadily with additional strong commitment and dedication from bellow Board of Directors Bob Coffey, Ex Chair of KPMG and Derrick Thomas; President and CEO of ITMayDay.   Please view COA Submissions to Ministry relating to some recommendations.   COA is an active Senior Stakeholder in the Condo Act Review.  "Building a Better Condo Act"   Working to represent and advocate for Condo Owners Rights... please see quote at the bottom of the page on this Provincial website. 


Why Condo Owners need a Condo Owners Association 

Condo Owners are facing huge maintenance fees, problem Board of Directors and a Condo Act that needs to be updated to protect their interest.  There is a huge imbalance of the present structure which takes away the rights of Condo Owners and puts too much control in the hands of the Board of Directors therefore compromising Condo Owners rights.


The Condo Act needs changes and proper governance  ie; better Tarion Warranty Coverage,  government funded energy retrofitting plans, respect for Municipal height restrictions and no further interference from the Ontario Municipal Board; better building codes,  specific property tax assessment strictly relating to condos, a government bond with higher interest rates for condo reserve funds and education standards for Condo Board of Directors. 

The act must include compliance mandates and fines as deemed necessary (as per other acts) to insure the Boards are in compliance to the Act and Owners are protected.   We need to address the important needs of existing condomin
iums where prices are dropping and maintenance fees are way above the normal ratio to value. We need to review service related trades and create a defined price list for services.


Some COA Initiatives 

  • Support Changes to the Condo Act working with Ministry of Consumer Services in Condo Act Review
  • Meetings with MP's, MPP's and local Councillors in all Districts - across the Province of Ontario
  • COA supported NDP Leader Andrea Horwath at HST Rally  Queen's Park, Toronto
  • Preparing extensive reports and investigating numerous Condo Owners issues
  • Meetings with Minister Margaret Best, Deputy Minister Giles Gherson
  • Meetings with Hon J. Gerretson, Minister Consumer Services
  • Discussions and Meetings with Andrea Horwath, NDP Leader
  • Discussions on Condo Act  with Tim Hudak, Leader PC
  • Meeting with John Campbell, CEO Waterfront Toronto
  • Meeting with Go Transit, Metrolinx, Municipal Stakeholder Groups
  • Meetings with condominium Board of Directors, Lawyers and Engineers
  • Presentations to Carson Dunlop, Financial Institutions, several Corporate Firms
  • City Official discussions and correspondence (Building, Zoning and By-Law Depts)
  • Special Discussions with MPAC - Municipal Property Assessment Corporation- Property Taxes
  • Press, Media and Political Conferences - CBC - CTV - Metro Morning - CP24 - That Channel
  • Newspaper and Magazine Press Articles - Toronto Star, National Post, Local Magazines
  • Social Media - 27 COA Twitter for City's across Ontario, Up-to-date Website, Videos
  • COA supported NDP Leader Andrea Horwath at HST Rally  Queen's Park, Toronto

COA helping Seniors

Seniors need assistance; in particular to the availability of answers to questions they may have and/or a support system geared to Seniors in condominiums. Many Seniors, especially those with a chronic condition may be in their units and not have a support system in the event of a serious alert of medical issues.


Seniors over the age of 65 are the fastest growing users of the internet.   The internet helps them to keep in touch with their family and friends and day-to-day activity such as banking and obtaining information on health related questions.  At the present time there is a digital consumer application called Mi-health which helps individuals to take better control of their health but it will not help in emergency situations in Condominiums. Ideally with the growing popularity of medic alert devices consideration should be taken by Builders and our Ministry of Health to implement a specific device for emergency situations in Condominiums both for Seniors and other Condo Dwellers. At present there are no Health and Safety Mandates in Condominiums defined in the Condo Act.


The Ministry of Consumers Services has been approached by COA - Condo Owners Association to take into account the various Ministry's to ensure that all aspects relating to proper governance, health and safety and proper Municipal regulations be reviewed and recommendations be brought forward. The recommendations would be geared to specific relating to the operations of a Condominium. Example: Health and Safety Mandates for spas and swimming pools; specific guidelines relating to Hoarders as a Health issue.


Each Condo had to confirm compliance with the AODA - Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act however the Government almost missed the boat with Condominiums when they recently mandated new guidelines as of JANUARY 2012 enforcing up to a $50,000 per day or part day for Directors and Officers, and fines of up to $100,000 per day for Corporations not in compliance with the AODA. A Condo Corporation does fall under the AODA for compliance therefore recognizing a higher possibility of Seniors in Condominiums who may require assistance It is a growing concern and the Condo Review process should be including the entire situation of Seniors in Condominiums and also recognize the implementation of stronger guidelines relating to the AODA


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<h4><span style="color: #333399;"><span style="font-size: large;"><span style="font-size: small;"><span style="font-family: tahoma,arial,helvetica,sans-serif;">CONDO OWNERS REGISTER FOR FREE </span></span></span></span><span style="color: #333399;"><span style="font-size: large;"><span style="font-size: small;"><span style="font-family: tahoma,arial,helvetica,sans-serif;">(extended til March 1, 2013) </span></span></span></span></h4>
<p><span style="color: #800000;"><strong><span style="color: #000080;">If you are a Condo Owner</span> -  <a href="/component/comprofiler/registers">CLICK TO REGISTER WITH COA    (</a></strong><span style="font-size: large;"><span style="font-size: small;"><span style="font-family: tahoma,arial,helvetica,sans-serif;">  24 - 48 hour approval) </span></span></span></span></p>
<p> </p>
<p><strong><span style="color: #800000;">We need to work together to make a difference<br /></span></strong></p>
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About COA



The Condo Owners Association (COA) was formed in March 2010 as a non-profit Association to represent Condominium Owners across the Province of Ontario.   COA is Ontario's most influential voice in the Condo Owner community. 
The Association is stewarded by a Board of Directors with a wealth of condominium knowledge to help promote and advocate for strong condominium communities.  We are recognized by the Provincial and Municipal Government offering invaluable assistance and advice in relation to all condominiums. 

Linda Pinizzotto, an award-winning , well known Realtor, Entrepreneur founded the Condo Owners Association (COA), a non profit Association in March 2010    Linda strongly believed Condo Owners were not protected by the Ontario Provincial Legislation, the "Condominium Act 1998" .   It was 12 years old and considering the substantial Condo Growth evolving in Toronto, the "Condo Act" lacked enforcement, accountability, governance and regulation of Board of Directors and a lack of protection for Condominium Corporations.  Condo Property Management Companies and Condo Managers did not have mandatory licensing and/or any Government standards yet are hired by the Board of Directors as an agent of the Board to assist with fulfilling its responsibilities to manage the building and carry out policies as per the Condo Board but not a member of the Board.  They both must operate in compliance to the Condo Act.   Condominiums Corporations and Board of Directors are governed by the declaration, by-laws and rules of the corporation in accordance with the Condominium Act.    Linda was Knighted by the Order of St George in 2014 as a Distinguished Dame of the Order as a result of her "chivalry to support the common cause to helping people in need".   COA supports Condo Owners and thriving sustainable Condo Communities.   Today the Condo Act is constantly being updated by the Ministry to adjust to the evolving times between operations and management of aging condos throughout to the Development of New and understanding changes in demographics, population and generational groups.

March 2010 - June 2012, the COA advocated the Ministry of Government and Consumer Services to support a Condo Act Review to overhaul the Condo Act.   The McGuinty Government launched a Condo Act Review Consultation with the intention to "Build a Better Condo Act" and support important changes to the Condo Act was launched in June 12, 2012 to modernize the Condominium Act 1998, so it reflects the current and future needs of Owners, Residents and other stakeholders in Condominium Communities and to address the booming and evolving industry.  The Condo Owners Association (COA) was a member of the "Condo Act Review Panel" for all three Phases of the review.   Collaborative Public Engagement process McGuinty announced his resignation in 2012, and Wynne replaced McGuinty at that time but the engagement process continued from 2012 - 2014 as a part of the Condominium Act Review.  The Protecting Condominium Owners Act, 2015 received Royal Assent on December 3, 2014 as the first overhaul of the Province's condo law in over 16 years!  At the same time the Condominium Management Services Act, 2015 ("CMSA") was also implemented.   

COA'S hard fought advocacy for Condo Owners back in 2010 to "Get the ball rolling" continues to keep it moving!   

There are Four Phases of Regulatory changes. 
Transitional rules for Condo Act Amendments came into force in 2017.   Please see Ontario Newsroom and Ministry Announcements

2001 May 02    Bulletin 2001 - 1 Condominium Act, 1998
2012 June 12   Build a Better Condo Act
2015 Dec 3      Regulation under the Condominium Act, 1998
2017 July 25    Ontario Implementing New Protections for Condo Residents announced
2017 Sept 01   New Condominium Authority Now in Service to Protect Residents

The COA stays active addressing all issues relating to condominiums are various Stakeholder groups such as:

  1. Meeting Provincial MPP's, Ministry's, Municipalities & Councillors in various Cities
  2. Meetings with Financial Institutions, condo service providers and related Associations
  3. Stakeholder on the Condominium Act Review of the Ministry
  4. Stakeholder on Consumer Council of Canada
  5. Stakeholder on Fire Marshal Review of Carbon Monoxide Detectors
  6. Stakeholder for Home Protection Centre, Storm water Sewer System Review etc.
  7. Meetings with MPAC, Insurance Firms, Energy Waste Companies
  8. Participated in Trade Shows, Charities Organizations and Non-Profit Associations
  9. Worked with the Ontario Real Estate and other Associations,
  10. Worked with BIA's, Rate Payers Associations, Board's of Trades across the Province
  11. Working on behalf of Condo Owners, Buyers and the General public
  12. Met with countless condo corporations and service related trades
  13. COA appeared at the National Home Show & Canada Blooms, International Home Show
  14. COA Sponsors at Home Show included food waste concept with Clorox Canada,
  15. COA Sponsors included CIBC,  Bank of Montreal, Geep Global Recyling and others


Condo Owners Association (COA)

 ......represents Condo Owners and Condo Buyers

Ontario Medical Association (OMA)

......represents our Medical Profession

Ontario Teachers Federation (OTF)

......represents our Teachers

Police Association of Ontario (PAO)

......represents our Police Officers    

Kiwanis Boys & Girls Clubs

Toronto Kiwanis - Boys & Girls Clubs

Believe in Kids

Working with young people and their families 

We enable them to develop the life skills, knowledge and values essential to becoming healthy contributing individuals.


Our Vision

To be recognized as a leading organization that has a wide scope of resources compelling young people to reach their potential.

We serve over 1100 young people in downtown Toronto, providing:

  • A safe place in which to learn and play after school
  • Summer Day Camps that give children carefree fun and learning opportunities
  • Leadership development and employment preparation
  • A staff of compassionate, well-trained professionals
  • An inclusive, receptive atmosphere for all children.


People and communities we serve: 

  • Children aged 6-18 yrs. and their families
  • The Regent Park/Cabbagetown community has been served by our Gerrard K Club since 1936
  • Our T.P. Loblaw K Club (formerly Midtown K Club) has served the Trinity Bellwoods community since 1945
  • Many of our members come from at-risk families where safety is a concern. Our members can suffer from a lack of self-esteem, poor nutrition, poverty, lack of schooling, absent parents and are at high risk for drug-related activity. 

Non Profits and Charities

COA supports Charities and Non Profits

The Condo Owners Association recognizes how Charitable Organizations and Non Profit Associations play an important role in everyone’s lives.

SUPPORT UKRAINE -   Condo Owners in Ontario please unite and support the Red Cross with their Humanitarian Crisis in the Ukraine.   All are working together with the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) and its partners,  International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (IFRC).   
Please DONATE:    



CAN FUND Canadian Athletes


Believe in Kids - Toronto Kiwanis Boys & Girls clubs

Darling Home for Kids

Sleeping Children Around the World



ALS Society of Canada

Alzheimer Society of Canada

Autism Canada

Breast Cancer

Canadian Cancer Society

Halton Trauma Centre

Heart and Stroke Foundation

Hospice of Peel


Multiple Sclerosis Society of Canada

Oakville Trafalgar Hospital

Prostrate Cancer Canada

Road Hockey for Cancer

Sîan Bradwell Fund For Children With Cancer

Tourette Syndrome Foundation of Canada

Trillium Health Centre Foundation


Prostrate Cancer Canada



United Way Oakville

United Way Mississauga

United Way



Mississauga Heritage Society

Look Good Feel Better


Women’s Shelter Gift Basket Campaign

Freedom Walk

The Compass

Ian Anderson House

Robert Land Academy 

Mission Statement


COA Mission Statement - To represent and provide leadership to Condominium Owners with a united voice advocating and fostering quality lifestyle, prosperous and sustainable condo ownership 


Work with provincial and federal governments for improvements to legislation

  • Advocate and Foster prosperous, sustainable economic environment in Condo Communities
  • Represent Condo Owners on various Stakeholder Groups
  • Provide a service for Condo Owners to register their condominiums
  • Demonstrate support on relative issues in Condo Communities
  • Work with media and police on condo related issues
  • Provide a wealth of insight, information and support
  • Contribute to the quality of life in Condo Communities 


Condo Owners and COA Directors Quotes 

These are very fast changing times and condo living is the fastest growing community for home ownership.  It is vitally important for Condo Owners to know their rights and protect their home and investment. 

  • Linda Pinizzotto, COA Founder President  

COA has researched the excessive amount of money Home Owners spend on utilities, in particular gas and hydro charges 

  • Derrick Thomas, COA IT Director  

What will happen if home energy audits do become a mandatory part of a condo unit to include the Condo Building on an Ontario residential real estate transaction?

  • Kathy Davidson, Condo Owner 

The Green Energy Act, 2009 is not mandatory yet but please remember that the HST was approved and passed before we all realized the highly negative and costly impact and increases it has on your Condo maintenance fees. 

  • Paul Sampson, Condo Owner  

There are very fast changing times and Condo living is the fastest growing community for home ownership. The Green Energy Act, 2009 is not mandatory yet but please remember that the HST was approved and passed before we all realized the highly negative and costly impact and increases it has on your Condo maintenance fees. 

  • Cynthia Bailey, Condo Owner



Discounts for Condo Owners



Discounts and Savings

  1. COA offers special savings and benefits

See these links for our Guide

  1. Condo Owners Guide 
  2. Condo Services Guide
  3. Email COA  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

New Discount on Vitamix Products

The COA is pleased to announce a "New 15% Savings plus free delivery for Condo Owners"
  1. Simply Email the COA This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 
  2. COA will provide the discount Code to you with our Compliments

Condo Owners Association COA partners with Skyrise Living


10% - 25%


Fire Safety Carbon Monoxide Detectors

Fire Marshal - Chief of Emergency Management

Invites the COA 

The COA was invited to participate with the Technical Advisory Committee to prepare the "Report on Improving Carbon Monoxide Safety for Ontarians. The recommendations in this report offered assistance for government approval on the implementation of Legislation for Bill 18, Hawkins Gignac Act (Carbon Monoxide Detectors)  

Report on improving Carbon Monoxide Safety for Ontarians

Bill 18, Hawkins Gignac Act (Carbon Monoxide Detectors), 2013  

Details on Silent Killer



On behalf of the Fire Marshal and Chief of Emergency Management, I would like to thank the committee members who generously volunteered their valuable time and knowledge towards the development of these recommendations. The committee’s thoughtful recommendations are expected to significantly enhance the safety of all Ontario residents from the harmful effects of unsafe levels of carbon monoxide. Pending government approval, the recommendations will be implemented and/or proceed to public consultation as proposed changes to the Ontario Fire Code (OFC), where appropriate.

A special note of thanks to OFMEM staff who provided technical and administrative support to the work of the committee.

Al Suleman, P.Eng.
Assistant Deputy Fire Marshal


Members List


Al Suleman
Assistant Deputy Fire Marshal

Members (Alternates)

Steve Clemens
Canadian Fire Alarm Association

David Morris
Canadian Fire Safety Association

Joann Bentley (Chris Kenopic) 
Canadian Hearing Society

Rocco Delle Fave
City of Toronto Fire Services

Linda Pinizzotto
Condo Owners Association of Ontario

Doug Frost
Federation of Ontario Bed and Breakfast Accommodation

Mike Chopowick
Federation of Rental-Housing Providers of Ontario

Wayne Nie
Fire Fighters Association of Ontario

Terry Mundell
Greater Toronto Hotel Association

John Gignac
Hawkins-Gignac Foundation

Steve Tomlin

Hotel Engineers Association of Toronto

Doug DeRabbie

Insurance Bureau of Canada

Jim Rotz
JBC Canada-First Alert

John Ward
Kidde Canada Inc.

Rick Pereira
Ministry of Community Safety and Correctional Services

Sarah Jeffrey-Hampton
Ministry of Consumer Services

Aaron Moffat
Ministry of Education

Nadim Khan
Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing

Eve McDonald (Nadia Hawkins, Marc Cousineau) 
Ministry of Labour

David Craddock
Ontario Association of Architects

Jim Jessop
Ontario Association of Fire Chiefs

Keith Doucette
Ontario Building Officials Association

Chantelle Cosgrove
Ontario Municipal Fire Prevention Officers Association

Jenn St. Louis (Jon Meadow) 
Ontario Non-Profit Housing Association

Asim Qasim
Ontario Public Health Association

David Ogilvie
Ontario Retirement Community Association

Amy Padro
Parachute Canada

Grace Sammut (Glenn Spriggs) 
Resorts Ontario

John Marshall
Technical Standards and Safety Authority

OFMEM Technical Support

Armen Kassabian
Beth Tate
Chris Slosser
Gord Yoshida
Jim Chisholm
Mariano Perini
Michael Ng
Pierre Yelle





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