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Global News Condo City no shortage on construction. There are concerns relating to Condo Fraud but this is not the first time. The problems surface once maintenance fees seem out of line with the values of the condominiums as well. The problem is that Condo Owners cannot prove any wrong doing because many times they are unable to obtain financial information from the Property Management office because the Board of Directors have advised Property Management not to provide it to owners. Condo Owners must realize that this is the first sign that there may be some problems with the operations of their condominium buildings. It is important for all Condo Owners to register with the Condo Owners Association.

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Condominium Corporations are not the target of a criminal investigation by the Competition Bureau of Canada
Link to Article by Tess Kalinowski - Real Estate Report of the Toronto Star

Condominium corporations are not the target of a criminal investigation by the Competition Bureau of Canada.
The bureau has asked an Ontario Superior Court to order more than 100 Toronto area condo companies to produce records and other written information in connection with an investigation by its Cartels Directorate.  The investigation appears to be centred on contractors who do renovations on common areas such as lobbies, shared washrooms and parking garages in residential highrises, although the Competition Bureau declined to give details.  "The decision to seek the orders was based on the fact that the condominium corporations have, or are likely to have, information that is relevant to the investigation," said Competition Bureau spokeswoman Marie-France Faucher in an email.

It's possible the competition bureau asked for a court order because the victims in the alleged scheme are afraid of repercussions, said one expert in competition law. The bureau may be looking for corroboration of other information, said the expert.  Robert Weinberg, who was elected president of the Association of Condominium Managers of Ontario last Friday, headed the ethics committee for two years. He says there's room for more professionalism in the management of condos and the bidding process.  Typically a condo corporation hires a designer for interior work or an engineer for exterior jobs. Once the condo board has approved a design and scope of work, the designer or engineer will recommend contractors they have worked with in the past.  Weinberg said a property management should never get involved with design or specification. They can help designate potential bidders and collect sealed bids but they should never open them, he said.

You might be interested in  [“I have always wanted to live in a house made of steel,” says Glen Donaldson, who had the shipping containers for his three-storey, three-bedroom home delivered to his narrow west Toronto property last month.]
Stacked containers on skinny, west Toronto lot create unique home  [Mike Harris Jr., centre, with his father, a former Ontario premier, has been appointed by Doug Ford as one of 11 PC candidates to run in provincial elections June 7. At right is former Canadian foreign minister John Baird.]  Doug Ford names Mike Harris’s son as PC candidate in flurry of pre-election appointments [Kathleen Anne Worrod’s marriage to Kim Kevin Hunt was voided after a judge ruled that he did not have the mental capacity to marry. Now, the judge says Worrod and Legal Aid Ontario, which funded her court fight with Hunt’s family, must pay Hunt’s $385,279 in court costs.]
Judge lambastes Legal Aid Ontario after it foots bill for woman who married her ex-boyfriend after he suffered a ‘catastrophic’ brain injury and then spent years fighting his family in court

A savvy board will do its own research and add other companies to the list of contractors invited to bid, he said.

"Some places don't want to go to so many companies. They trust the designers. I'm not saying they shouldn't trust the designers. But best practices, you go out to a half a dozen or more companies," said Weinberg, whose company Percel Property Management manages 80 condo corporations including two buildings that were ordered to produce records.

But he said he has no concerns.

"We have very set ways of doing things. It's dot the 'i's and cross the 't's. My managers know there's zero tolerance for unethical behaviour," said Weinberg.

The association's ethics committee sees about 40 cases a year. Only two or three would go on to an advanced investigation for violations such as theft or engaging contractors without condo board approval.

The province is modernizing the Condomium Act, including the Condominium Management Services Act. The Act sets out licensing rules for condo managers.

Only about a third of Ontario's approximately 3,000 condo managers in the province are members of the association.

"About 2,000 are just floating around out there with no designations, no code of ethics, no one to answer to and no one is going to stop them doing what they're doing if they're bad actors," said Weinberg.

"By having the law say you can't manage unless you're licensed and having a reporting mechanism that should clean up a lot of stuff that is going on," he said.

The first licenses will likely be issued early next year. 
There are about 9,300 condo corporations in Ontario. There are about 6,000 in the Toronto area. That includes townhouses, industrial and commercial condominiums as well as residential high rises.

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Guest:  Linda Pinizzotto, COA Founder and President 
             Condo Owners Association COA Ontario 

#COAontario and #COAtoronto urges #AirBnB to respect June 1 deadline

“We are deeply concerned that AirBnB and transient rentals in general are not regulated or legislated and believe that without any degree of this form of protection, the safety and security within condominiums may be compromised. Condominiums are personal residences and not hotels, the turnover rate involved with transient rentals affects the operations, operational expenses and value of condominium corporations. The added wear and tear on common elements is a deep concern, contribution levels on reserve funds may not be adequate. We stand behind strong, healthy condominium communities and look forward to proper implementation of regulation and legislation on all aspect to protect Condo Owners.”


As a Condo Owner if you are concerned about ghost hotels, disruptive short-term rentals or the loss of affordable housing stock in your neighbourhood?   Please become a supporter of our campaign.
If you have a story to share, we would sincerely like to hear from you

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Volunteers Needed

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  • COA will contact you within 72 hours once they have reviewed your application. 
  • Note: Some rules apply relating to volunteers qualifications and acceptance.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Emergency Situations

Question: What should the Property Manager and the Board of Directors do in "Emergency Situations"

Answer:  Property Management and the Board of Directors should contact the Proper Authorities immediately and allow them the time to defuse the situations and investigate it thoroughly before taking any steps. 

** Remember, the actions of the Property Manager and the Board of Directors could cause irreversible damage to the Condo Corporations should they take matters in their own hands and/or expose information prematurely without securing facts which can only be done by allowing the Authorities to do their job without interference or obstruction.   This is not the tine for either parties to seek news media attention.  If there is a sister building involved where a building has share facilities, the  Property Manager and neighhbouring Board of Directors need to take cautions to ensure they do not interfere with the situation nor divulge confidential details of the occurrence to outside parties ie. the Press.


In the Case of a Bomb Threat

The Government of Canada Department of Public Safety and Emergency Preparedness outlines an Emergency Plan

If they are negligent to exposure the issue to the Owners prematurely, it would trigger irresponsible reporting through the News Media etc.  The level of safety and true facts of the situation needs to be addressed first beforehand:  

 Occupational Health and Safety Program

Government of Canada - Health and Emergency Disasters

Problems with Property Management

Question: Why do I have problems with my Property Manager all the time, can't the Condo Owners just get him fired?

Answer: No the Property Management Company is hired by the Board of Directors on a majority vote.   The Property Manager is delegated to the building by the Property Management Company because the Property Manager is only an employee of the Property Management Company.  If you are having trouble with your Property Manager it is the responsibility of the Board of Directors to deal with the problems and resolve them.  If the problems cannot be resolved, the Board should make arrangements to investigate if it is a common problem amongst owners.  If so the Board must arrange for an immediate replacement through the Property Management Firm.  If the Property Management company refuses, there is most likely a 30 day cancellation policy on the Contract so the Board of Directors should exercise their rights and cancel the contract.  Unfortunately many times, the Property Manager is only carrying out the orders of the Board of Directors.  Neither the Property Management Company or the Property Manager have any degree of Government licensing so the doors are wide open for abuse.   

Information on Status Certificates

Question: What does a Status Certificates contain

Answer: The Status Certificate package includes:

  1. Condominium Documents
  2. Auditor approved Financial Report
  3. Reserve Fund of the Corporation and any other related information
  4. Insurance Company Letter confirming up-to-date condo building insurance
  5. Cover letter from the Board outlining unit maintenance fees, arrears etc. relating to Unit
  6. Information relating to the condominium building   ie Loans, Liens, Law Suits
  7. Is the Condo Building working with the Condo Owners Association COA

Importance of Reserve Fund

Question: Why is the reserve fund so important.

Answer: The Reserve Fund is extremely important, see notes below:

  1. High reserve funds creates good value within a condominium corporation, the fund must be used in accordance with the study
  2. Board of Directors must have reserve fund to ensure they have adequate fund in the reserve fund for the expected costs of major replacement  (per item 4 below)
  3. Board of Directors must follow reserve fund study for major repair and replacement of the common elements and assets of the corporation (as mandated by the Condo Act 1998) to maintain value
  4. Boards of Directors decisions must comply to all mandates of the Condo Act 1998 and New Condo Act 2015

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Volunteer as an Intern with COA 

Excellent opportunity for our Youth and Young Adults to connect with each other and learn about Home Ownership.  The Condo Market is exciting and interesting.

Our founder, Linda Pinizzotto created the Association with a vision for an Internship program to give our young adults and students a hands-on approach to gain life experiences towards an invaluable and rewarding future of understanding value and home ownership.

Why apply to the COA Internship Program

  1. Jump start your future career as a Young Adult in you City
  2. Network and connect with valuable professional business contacts
  3. Receive coaching, leadership and mentorship from experts
  4. Helps to develop your Career in various  areas of business
  5. Interact with our 3 Levels of Government
  6. This is a volunteer Internship Program

How to Volunteer

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Internship Opportunities
Communications and Marketing
Graphics and Design
Human Resources
IT - Information Technology
Marketing and Advertising
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Welcome to COA







Condo Owners Association Ontario 

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
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COA works with Municipal, Provincial & Federal Governments


Thank you Premier Doug Ford and Ms. Lisa Thompson, Minister, Ministry of Government and Consumer Services.   The COA appreciates your support to address the COA concerns relating to excessive complaints re:  Board Members and Property Managers.   

​Our Founder,  Ms. Linda Pinizzotto, DStG, a well known Realtor, Philanthropist, Investor believed the Condo Act needed updating to better protect Condo Owners, offer more accountability, governance and regulation of Board of Directors and Property Management.  It's now over 10 Years ago  since we starting the mission to work together to help make changes  We are delighted our Premier and Ministry are listening loud and clear. Please continue relations with the COA. Allow us to provide input and continue to work together to resolve existing problems in Condo Corporations..  The COA has helped to endorse changes in the last 10 years.  Condo Owners continue to work together with the COA to support thriving sustainable Condo Communities. 


MGCS Ministry of Government Consumers Services - Condominium Act

Condo Management Services Act, 2015 - Property Management 

(CAO) Condo Authority of Ontario  - Enforce Condo Act & Directors training 

CMRAO  Condominium Management Regulatory Authority of Ontario

COA Condo Owners Association  - United voice for Condo Owners 

Please review these links:


Linda Pinizzotto,  DstG,  Realtor ® Entrepreneur
Founder | CEO Condo Owners Association (COA)


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IT Mayday supports COA


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As a non profit Association we depend on your support.  The advantages of a highly effective and social media friendly website helps us to provide awareness on the important activities of the Condo Owners Association.   Condo Owners and Buyers who have registered with COA have important, factual information and updates at their fingertips.   

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