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Tax Auditors target condo sellers in hunt for "flippers"

Honest Advertising for condo projects

2 more drug labs found in Scarborough Highrise

Ont Government Stricter Requirements for Balcony Glass


Condo Buyers Research Builder - National Post


Honest Advertising for Condo Projects


Condo-shopping? Be wary of window repair cost


Changes to Condo Act will offer greater protection Liberals say

 Toronto Condo Fraud: Embezzlement, Kickbacks and bid-rigging


Realtor Rallies Disgruntled Condo Owners

Fraud Allegations Shock Condo Owners

Mississauga business welcomes Trudeau with hesitation

City lets Mayors' Caucus take lead on land transfer tax

Condo Life means pared-down seasonal decorating

Expert to Province: Tread carefully with Condominium Act Revision

Mississauga's real estate sector expects another good year ahead

COA pres says Condo Act revisions don't go far enough

Significant number of Marilyn Monroe condo units being sold

Condo Act Review lobbyist calls for more owners to join the fight

Interest groups divided over condo act lobbying efforts

OMB rejection won't deter Oakville homebuilder says Realtor


Condo Buyers - by Helen Morris, National Post


Building a Better Condominium Act

QP Briefing - Queen's park

Condo Changes won't come soon


Ontario moves to License Condo Managers


Vaughan condo fire leaves owners in limbo

THE SPEC - Hamilton -

Strong United Voice Would Help Protect Condo Owners


Understanding Condo Insurance - Condo Hero

Mississauga Condo Owners now two  months without elevators


Push to Revamp the Condo Act

Property Manager bilked $20 M in condo fraud

Condo Life means pared-down seasonal decorating

Toronto Star Queens Park - Changes to Condo Act will offer protection

Cost of Gridlock - is that condo parking spot becoming an albatross

Condo Owners should have more say, panel recommends


Will Condo -Dwellers have a say this election?


Windows Tempt Buyers


Condo Conundrum by Ted Kesik, PH.D. P.Eng UofT

Can Highly Glazed Building Facades be Green? by John Straube, University of Waterloo


Round Two in the Condo Bullpen




New Ont. rules aim to prevent glass falling from balconies

Glass falls from condo, stretch of Bay Street closed

High-rises making firefighting harder, Stewart Says

Woman injured by falling glass - Street closed by falling glass

City Inspectors called in after glass falls from building


Throw away Buildings - The slow-motion failure of Toronto's glass condos

Throw away Buildings - Thermal Window Failure: How it Happens

Fallen condo glass being investigated

Window pane falls from Ottawa Condo Balcony - Ottawa CBC News



CBC Condo Game Documentary    Click Here  "The Condo Game Info

Note:  COA Founder President worked with Bountiful Films on this Documentary

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If your business relates to the condominium industry, get involved and advertise your business with the COA.  

We have a strong representation for Condominiums and all levels of Government 

  1. A powerful advocacy with a collective voice to consumers and government
  2.  Influential and effective media relations to identify and enhance the operations within condominiums
  3. A wide range of information and opportunities
  4. In-depth industry knowledge and information
  5. Presence in various Stakeholder Groups
  6. Close working relationship with Industry Leaders
  7. Provides a huge potential to promotion your materials
  8. Huge potential to arrange group savings packages and benefits for you
  9. Excellent working relationships across the Country 

Please see list of service providers list below:

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  1. Accounting
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Disclosure:  COA has partnered with these companies on previous events

  • Allstate Insurance of Canada
  • International Home & Garden Show
  • Clorox Canada – Glad
  • Entire Imaging
  • Geep Electronic Recycling
  • Joseph Estate Wines
  • Vision Quest

Condo Owners Association accepts no responsibility for any loss or dissatisfaction arising from any use or contractual relationship of services, or purchases to include incentives programs that Condo Owners may experience through Related Services Companies of the Condo Owners Association


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The COA was invited to participate in the Condo Game, a CBC Documentary   

Click Here  "The Condo Game Info





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What every Condo Owner Should Know

Live Radio Interviews




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CTV, CBC, CP24, City TV, CBC Metro Morning, Rogers TV, That Channel, BNN, Steve Paikin, TVO Ontario, Toronto Star, National Post, Toronto Sun, Globe and Mail,  Mississauga News, Hamilton Spectator, The Bulletin, Newsroom Provincial Government,

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COA participates in numerous Stakeholder Groups

The Condo Owners Association COA has been invited to participate in numerous very important Stakeholder groups.  They have been identified as being "knowledgeable, consumer experts with enormous industry now-how and dedicated to seek changes to benefit Consumers".


Please click links for Expert Panel Reports: 

COA on Panel for Ministry Condo Act Review

  1. Ontario Government Newsroom Building a Better Condo Act
  2. COA participated in Condo Act Review held by Canada Public Policy Forum
  3. Ontario Condo Act Review Stakeholder Roundtables
  4. Ontario’s Condominium Act Review Stakeholders Roundtables

COA on Panel for Consumers Council of Canada Study

  1. Consumer Council of Canada Housing Intensification Study
  2. Press Release Consumers Council of Canada News
  3. Press Release Market Wire Housing Intensification is Solution for Millennials Needs

COA on Panel for Fire Marshal Review Safety for Ontarians

  1. Fire Marshal Report of Improving Carbon Monoxide Safety for Ontarians
  2. Ontario Government Newsroom Keeping Ontarians Safe from Carbon Monoxide

COA on Panel for Homeowner Protection Centre Study Licensing Property Management

  1. Government of Canada Condo Property Manager Regulation

COA on Panel for Mississauga Storm Water Systems

  1. Mississauga Storm Water System Page 78


 Advocates for Condo Owners Rights and Changes to the Condo Act  

  1. COA advocates changes to the Condominium Act 1998
  2. COA is a Stakeholder in the Condominium Act Review Process
  3. COA advocates and promotes protection for Condo Owners Rights
  4. COA is working with the Ministry of Consumer Services for Condo Owners
  5. COA is listed on the Provincial Government website Building a Better Condo Act



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TRI-CAN - JCO & Associates -  LAR and Owners

with conspiracy to commit fraud


The Competition Bureau announced that they have laid multiple criminal charges against four companies and three individuals.  The charges related to an alleged conspiracy to commit fraud and rig bids for condominium refurbishment services in the GTA Greater Toronto Area issued by private condominium corporations between 2009 a nd 2014.

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"The companies and individuals are charged under the Criminal Code with conspiracy to rig bids, conspiracy to commit fraud, and fraud over $5,000"

1.  TRI-CAN Contract Incorporated and Owner Bob Vlahopoulos
2.  JCO & Associates (912547 Ontario Inc) and Owner Jose De Oliveira
3.  LAR Condominium Refurbishment Specialist 
4.  CPL Interiors Ltd. is also charged under conspiracy provision of Competition Act


Interesting Quick Facts


Bid Rigging Video

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