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COA Submission to Ministry

COA Submission to Ministry (3)

Condo Owners Association submits recommendations for Condo Act Review of the Condominium Act 1998
Monday, 25 February 2013 10:04

COA Concerns

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COA Additional Concerns

  1. Home Warranty Act needs a complete revision.  Consideration for Developer to guarantee maintenance fees for at least 3 years.
  2. Provincial Government consideration for a Condo Reserve Fund Bond which pays  1 to 1 ¼ % higher than the Ontario Savings bond. Reserve funds create jobs
  3. Reserve fund studies need to conform to proper financial numbers.  Interest rates and inflation rates must be set by the Government.  Reserve funds are using short term interest rates of 3% and inflation rates of 2%
  4. MPAC should consider deficiencies in the Reserve Fund
  5. Smoking problems in buildings
  6. Status Certificate - 10 banking days is too long of a period and jeopardizes sale
  7. Meetings with extensive costs considered should be part of status certificate

Tuesday, 18 December 2012 21:27

Sign the Petition

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Licensing Property Management Firms & Property Managers


Government MUST License & Regulate Property Management/Managers NOT ACMO | Online Petition

The Condo Owners Association was formed to represent Condo Owners and advocate for their rights.


It is very common for some Boards to rely on information and/or even recommendations they receive from their Property Manager which may prevent Condo Owners from exercising their rights ie. compromising proxy forms, withholding the records of the Corporation and many times ignore Owners requests.

The Ministry of Consumer Services have recognized an overwhelming numbers of complaints from Condo Owners as a direct result of the actions of the Board of Directors and Property Managers plus Property Management Firms.   It is imperative that the new condo Act has strict Governance and Provincial Licensing for Property Managements companies and Property Managers with accompanying educational courses and accreditation.  COA has suggested a similar style to the Real Estate Council of Ontario and under a similar Act to the Real Estate Business Brokers Act.   The Government restrictions should provide a more protection infrastructure to ensure a better situation than we have today.


The Association of Condominium Managers of Ontario (ACMO) which is a self-governed Association is advocating for the authority to license Property Managers which would be a DIRECT CONFLICT OF INTEREST and again compromises Condominium Owners and Condo Corporations.   ACMO has protected the interest and rights of Property Managers since 1977 and maintain a direct relationship with Board of Directors because the Board approves and signs their contracts.  These contracts are substantial  ie.  300 suite building equates to $150,000 upwards


The Ministry has already identified numerous complaints from disgruntled Owners.  Our Provincial Government needs to take full responsibility to protect Condo Owners by being the regulatory body who provides licensing, courses and accreditations for Property  Management firms and Property Managers.   This responsibility cannot be placed in the hands of ACMO.  Please consider that if ACMO has been around for 33 years working directly with Board of Directors and Condominiums; how come it took so long for Condo Act reform and protection needs for Condo Owners.   Our Provincial Government has to intervene as the Regulatory Body!

Please sign the petition and help us to DO IT RIGHT!!

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Monday, 10 September 2012 15:15

Facts on Condo Problems

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Many Condo Owners are afraid  to speak out!

Many Boards of Directors, Property Managers/Management firms, Lawyer

could easily intimidate and prevent you as a Condo Owners from exercising your rights!


What do you as a Condo Owner do when the following happens?

  • Over 1.3 Million Condo Owners in Ontario need changes to the Condo Act
  • Over 580,000 Condo Units are at risk - Does your board comply to Act?
  • Over 6,750 Condo Corporations at risk - Does your Board comply to Act?
  • 1,000's Commercial Condos - Does your Board comply to the Condo Act?
  • Directors need more governance and accountability to comply to Condo Act
  • Directors forging proxies to control votes is a huge concern on Condo Review
  • Directors need a "fining process if they don't comply to the Condo Act
  • Condo Lawyers must be appointed by Corporation, not hired by Board
  • Condo Lawyers may walk a fine line to protect Board not Owners
  • Directors may refuse to provide information  to Condo Owners
  • Directors change qualifications to manouver Board Positions
  • Directors may change your By-Laws in contravention to Act
  • Is your Board implementing Provincial mandates  ie AODA
  • Many Directors take away Condo Owners Human rights
  • Is your Board compromising your Condo Corporation?

Let's work together for important changes to Condo Act



Local Councillors and Municipalities may be changing your landscape

Ex: Toronto - Trinity Spadina Ward 20 (Yonge - Dufferin; Lake Ont - Bloor)

  • Condo Owners upset with vast developed in neighbourhood.
  • Trinity-Spadina use to feature lifestyle and entertainment
  • Too many condo towers being built or under construction
  • Major traffic jams and conjestion- Spadina Ave/Gardiner
  • Beautiful Bistro Restaurants torn down- Restaurant row
  • Clubs and Entertainment venues forced to relocate

If  you are Condo Owner, Register with COA