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Monday, 10 September 2012 15:15

Facts on Condo Problems

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Many Condo Owners are afraid  to speak out!

Many Boards of Directors, Property Managers/Management firms, Lawyer

could easily intimidate and prevent you as a Condo Owners from exercising your rights!


What do you as a Condo Owner do when the following happens?

  • Over 1.3 Million Condo Owners in Ontario need changes to the Condo Act
  • Over 580,000 Condo Units are at risk - Does your board comply to Act?
  • Over 6,750 Condo Corporations at risk - Does your Board comply to Act?
  • 1,000's Commercial Condos - Does your Board comply to the Condo Act?
  • Directors need more governance and accountability to comply to Condo Act
  • Directors forging proxies to control votes is a huge concern on Condo Review
  • Directors need a "fining process if they don't comply to the Condo Act
  • Condo Lawyers must be appointed by Corporation, not hired by Board
  • Condo Lawyers may walk a fine line to protect Board not Owners
  • Directors may refuse to provide information  to Condo Owners
  • Directors change qualifications to manouver Board Positions
  • Directors may change your By-Laws in contravention to Act
  • Is your Board implementing Provincial mandates  ie AODA
  • Many Directors take away Condo Owners Human rights
  • Is your Board compromising your Condo Corporation?

Let's work together for important changes to Condo Act



Local Councillors and Municipalities may be changing your landscape

Ex: Toronto - Trinity Spadina Ward 20 (Yonge - Dufferin; Lake Ont - Bloor)

  • Condo Owners upset with vast developed in neighbourhood.
  • Trinity-Spadina use to feature lifestyle and entertainment
  • Too many condo towers being built or under construction
  • Major traffic jams and conjestion- Spadina Ave/Gardiner
  • Beautiful Bistro Restaurants torn down- Restaurant row
  • Clubs and Entertainment venues forced to relocate

If  you are Condo Owner, Register with COA




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Linda Pinizzotto

Linda is the Founder & President of the Condo Owners Association (COA). Linda is very active in the community and has been a Realtor for over thirty years.

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