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Condo Owners Association (COA) represents Condo Corporations and Condo Owners of residential and commercial condominiums.  COA was founded in March 2010 by Linda Pinizzotto with the vision to provide a voice to promote better governance, accountability, operations and regulation in the operations of all condominiums.  Click on:  Building a Better Condo Act 


The COA succeeded in advocating changes to the Condo Act and the creation of the Condo Owners Protection Act.  We stressed mandatory licensing of Property Management Companies and Managers and carbon monoxide detectors. 


The COA supports regulation of Air BnB Style Short Term Rentals and we are concerned about the impact they have on the safety of Condo Communities, their operating budgets and financial position, shortage of affordable housing and the safety aspect of operating hotels in a residential residence.  We strive to see thriving homes within a wonderful community atmosphere and attitude.  Click on:  How COA Helps 


  Our voice has been heard. Recently,  Bill 106 "Protecting Condominium Owners Act 2015" has passed Click on:    


Letter from the CEO and Founder

Dear Condo Owners and Condominium Corporations

The Condo Owners Association has participated in various stakeholder groups, ie: the condo act review, consumer protection, intensification, property assessment & taxation, building codes, carbon monoxide detectors, atmospheric issues, storm water sewer systems, green energy, environmental issues, affordable housing, reusable energy and development discussion Groups plus a variety of others.   Let's work together.

Best Regards
Linda Pinizzotto
Founder President CEO Condo Owners Association
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