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Condo Owners Association is a non profit Association providing condo information and representing Condo Owners and Condo Buyers in the marketplace and industry on important condominium issues.   We identified huge problems with the Condo Act and we are advocating Government for changes.  COA creates awareness to endorse changes for better operations, governance, accountability.  COA has a strong VOICE to help Condo Owners    Click for COA Ontario on Wikipedia   

COA is important to YOU!!  All Real estate values are affected by condominiums. 

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The Condo Owners Association (known as COA) represents Residential and Commercial Condo Owners and Buyers in various Stakeholder Groups, to name a few:

 Condominium Act Review with the Ministry of Consumer Services

  1. Home Owners Protection Centre Property Management Study
  2. Fire Protection - Fire Marshal Ontario - Carbon Monoxide Detectors
  3. Consumers Council of Canada Residential Intensification Panel
  4. University of Waterloo, UofT Studies and Public Interest Groups
  5. Stormwater Sewer Systems and Waste disposal in Condominiums
  6. Examination of Health and Safety in Condos
  7. Participant in Education for Accessibility Act and Standards in Condos
  8. CBC, CP24, CTV, National, Toronto Star, TV, Condo eXpert and more

Please view this video   "The History of Multi-Family Dwellings - Condominiums"

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Linda Pinizzotto

Founder President CEO Condo Owners Association


Associations and Who they Represent

 Condo Owners Association (COA)

......represents Condo Owners and Condo Buyers


 Ontario Medical Association (OMA)

......represents our Medical Profession


 Ontario Teachers Federation (OTF)

......represents our Teachers


 Police Association of Ontario (PAO) 

......represents our Police Officers